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Thursday, March 7, 2013

SoupCycle Soups for March 9

West African Peanut & Brown Rice (vegan)

Hearty West African peanut stew with brown rice, tomatoes and red peppers. A non-meat version of our “Democratic Republic of Peanut Chicken” soup.

Baked Potato Soup (veggie)

Trade in that fork for a spoon! This thick baked potato soup has tasty chunks of potato, bits of red pepper, sour cream, chives and a hint of cheddar cheese.

Spicy Mexican Pozole (meaty)

Spicy Mexican soup with shredded chicken, green chili and hominy. So tasty it’s like a fiesta in your mouth.

In other news from SoupCycle:

SoupCycle will be participating in Community Soup, a fund raiser for Community Outreach.  It is at 5:00pm on March 10 at First Congregational Church. Here's the poster for that event:

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