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Friday, February 25, 2011

Remember to bring food to donate this Saturday

Remember we are having a food drive this weekend with prizes from your favorite Corvallis Indoor Winter Market Vendors!

 Custom Soap Shop- With this cold weather comes dry cracked skin. Make sure you stop by to get some soothing Beeswax Body Lotion, exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Moisturizing Lotion Bars, and Natural Lip balm. We will be giving a soap and lotion set in the raffle so make sure to bring your food items to donate! See you Saturday.

Honeystone Candles- As I write, there is snow on the ground, and more coming down, with a wintery white week in the forecast. Remember to pack Honeystone pure beeswax candles in your emergency kit! Whatever you burn, you breathe. This Saturday, the Indoor Market is the focus of a Food Drive for Linn Benton Food Share. We encourage you to bring cans of food to donate to this cause. When you bring 3 cans of food, you will receive a ticket to win prizes donated by Indoor Winter Market vendors. Selections of our pure beeswax candles will be among the prizes. Join us this Saturday - share some food - win some prizes!

Alsea Acre Goat Cheese- We are so excited to be in the new Corvallis Market of Choice. It's amazing how much of our cheese they are selling. We normally try to concentrate on selling at Farmers Markets because that way we can hand
out samples, talk to people and answer their questions. But after 16 years of vending at the Corvallis Farmers Markets we've handed out tens of thousands of samples. That has paid off in our being requested ALOT Stop by the Indoor Market for a taste of the freshness of spring chevre this Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Afterwards, we'll be sampling at Market of Choice in Corvallis from 2pm to 5 pm. Hope to see you!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Linn Benton Food Share Drive This Weekend

We are excited to have the folks from the Linn Benton Food Share out at the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market this Saturday. They will be there looking to fill their truck with food donations. They are looking for canned goods, dry goods like cereal and pasta, pasta sauce, peanut butter, juice, and any other non perishable items. They will also be accepting cash donations as well. All of our vendors at the marked have stepped in to have a raffle of some great prizes from the market. Bring in three food items or donate $5 and receive a raffle ticket. There is no limit so bring in or donate as much as you want. See you Saturday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Vendor Specials for February 19th

Honeystone Candles- It's been snowing here this morning and now the sun is out. Our bees are snug in their hives, with plenty of honey and pollen to feast on and feed to the increasing numbers of babies.
Whatever you burn, you breathe! This week we have a special offer for Indoor Market customers: $1 off any set of floating candles.Lighten up a dreary day with the clean fragrance of Honeystone pure beeswax candles.

Custom Soap Shop- We will be have all of our customer favorites along with some new fun soaps this week including our new butterfly soap. Special of the week: Free White Tea & Ginger soap with a purchase of $10 or more. Look for our full line of doggie spa products this week as well. See you Saturday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Weekend Vendor Specials

Well Valentines day is on Monday and the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market is the perfect place to pick up something special for the one you love. With a wonderful selection of local artisans,  fresh organic produce, and baked goods you can pick up everything you need for a special dinner and more.

Dennison Farms- We found a new recipe that is perfect for a special Valentine's dinner--fennel & beet soup, with heart-shaped garnish! We will have free copies of the recipe, plus fennel, beets, and of course plenty of our fabulously sweet carrots at the market this Saturday.

Custom Soap Shop- We will have lots of special treats for your valentine this week. Beautiful heart soaps and so much more. Our gift sets start at $10 and will be wrapped up and ready to go. Scents that are popular for Valentines day include Pomegranate & Vanilla and Delicious. See you Saturday!

Honeystone Candles- Clear, sunny afternoons are promising spring, but we have a few weeks to go before our bees can bring in much new nectar and pollen. The pussy willows are silvering, and will be attractive food for bees when it's warm enough to fly. At the moment, the hazels are finishing their bloom, the heathers are still flowering, and alder catkins are producing pollen. Our hives are heavy with food from last summer and fall, so the bees are (so far) in good shape.
To celebrate Valentine's Day, we are offering $1 off our Floating Hearts candle set - just $6.50 for three pure beeswax floating hearts to spread sweetness and light in your home. Each candle burns about 2 hours.

Specialty Made- We will have a lovely assortment of handmade Valentines Day cards this week. A handmade card is a special way to tell someone you love them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pacific Sourdough

This week the reality of pecans hit the bakery. We make a variety of wonderful pecan treats beloved by our loyal customers but when my wholesaler quoted me the $9.00 a pound price of pecans (a 50% increase since December) I had to rethink the idea of pecan sticky buns for the farmers market this weekend. Hm...cinnamon buns, no everyone makes those, almond buns, did those last week. Then I remembered a favorite from my childhood. My mother used to make a delicious Orange Sticky bun. Now what was the recipe? I remember it had orange juice, or was that oj concentrate? Were they frosted or turned over with the sticky side up? Surely a Google search would turn up just the right recipe. Nope, nada. I wondered if my mom would remember or maybe even have the recipe somewhere?

My mom is a very organized person, " a place for everything and everything in it's place". I am sure this adage was much easier to employ after I moved out some 30-odd years ago and stopped messing things up. Her pantry is a fine example of this neatness. 25 kinds of teas, organized in sub-sets of herbal, green, black, flavored, decaf, caffeinated and specialty, each sub-set arranged alphabetically. I tease her about it mercilessly. But hey, when you need something from Mom she can usually put her finger right on it. So I picked up the phone, "hey Mom, you remember those orange buns you used to make? I think in reality she only made them a handful of times before some other goody snagged our attention and appetites. Sure enough, she remembered them and in less than 3 minutes found the cookbook with the recipe. Bingo! Orange Glory Buns from a circa 1963 Better Homes and Gardens. It sounded like just the treat to bake to brighten up a winter morning, a few tweaks, a splash of Grand Marnier in the glaze and there we are, Orange Sunshine Buns, everybody loved 'em. Thanks Mom, let's have tea.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Vendor Specials for February 4th

It is football time! Come on down to the market and pick up everything you need for the big game like fresh veggies, baked goods and more. See you saturday bright and early!

Honeystone Candles- Our Honeystone bees are wintering well, and enjoying the few afternoon hours warm enough to fly, when they visit native hazels and our pink and white heathers. During the winter, bees form a cluster in the hive with the queen in the center. They eat the honey and pollen stored last summer, and will only take flight when temperatures are over 50 degrees.
We are welcoming February with a focus on hearts. We have two special offers until Valentine's Day: a free heart necklace with $10 purchase, or $1 off a set of floating heart candles! Give sweetness and light to your Valentine with Honeystone pure beeswax products!

Custom Soap Shop- With Valentines Day just around the corner now is the time to pick up a special gift for someone you love. Lotions and Sugar Scrubs make luxurious gifts that she will love. Special of the week: Receive a FREE White Tea & Ginger soap with a purchase of $10 or more. We will also have our wonderful Natural Dogspaw  products. Made with Tea Tree, Peppermint, & Eucalyptus they are a natural alternative to harsh chemicals and are great at keeping the bugs away!